dates back to 1995, with the establishment of the institution as an online Real estate consultants firm set to improve the quality of Real Estate investing and financial management training on real estate in the World. This real estate investment training was established after a research on the modes and patterns of investment directed to real estate. It was noted that most real estate investors lacked the knowledge and capacity to manage their finances wisely on real estate.

We therefore developed to curb this dire need to safeguard the future of real estate investments and individuals involved in the business. From inauguration of its services in 2010 it enrolled 150 students but this number enormously increased over the years and now, enrollment stands at over 15,000 students per annum.

We have a student focused faculty and staff that will inspire qualified students from diverse needs, background and ages to benefit from this rigorous real estate education and professional development for personal growth.


Our dream is to offer real estate investment courses obtainable to us in the supreme resourceful way promising, to adopt the most efficient tools readily available in the market to facilitate prompt and adequate results in our services to you and nourish the idea of speeding up, advancement and enhancing the merits of a real estate world market by excellence.


To offer quality real estate training, research and extension services through a safe and supportive academic set up. We are defined to address the needs of different stakeholders by performing research, knowledge development and preservation that are guided by integrity.

We are providing quality universal educational and career focused learning opportunities supported by principles of lifelong education, innovation, creativity, and application of concepts and skills. Offering significant student support, facilitated by suitable information and communication technology.


It is our idea that all human beings have a part to play in the society and that each individual is uniquely talented with the necessary abilities to fulfill their role in real estate.

Core Values

Diversity, no prejudice on the basis of ethnicity, gender, economic or religious backgrounds; Innovation, seek new customs of creating, sharing and applying understanding; and continuous learning and improvement;

Committed to understand and meet the needs of our students, faculty, and partners; Service to the society, interact with it and participate in its development and accomplishment of solutions to their opportunities and problems.