What is a Short Sale?

A Property Short Sale is the sales offer given to sellers as an alternative to the foreclosure by the bank they have agreed. The seller agrees with the bank to sell properties short of what they owe the bank. Realtor participation is short sales in always mandatory to the banks before the deal is sealed and that’s why agents with short real estate sales training are better off to navigate complicated things and some of the short sale procedures.

There are many options in the short sale training that users can choose from with many of them coming with a description which is a certification illustrating a realtor’s expertise in an area. Here are many known designations like the Certified Distressed Property Expert certification (CDPE) providing particular realtors with competent tools to work with bank and sellers in doing short sales.

The time required for the complexion of this course varies from institution to another but with at least 20 hours you can obtain this education as required and be given a class exam in the end, additionally the students on the sale certification course are supposed to take some continuing education after the initial course and may take from between 30 to 60 hours in year and this will help the students to maintain their certification.

The very many known banks and lending institutions are governed by their own set of rules that their agents or any other agent wishing to work with then must abide by when performing duties with them in the short sailing. Most cases they can even offer their agents training on what they are to file during operation and also how the paperwork is to be filled.

The cost of obtaining a short sale training certification is different from place with some agents spending up to 600 dollars on the training. In some other rare cases banks will require you to get another additional training from their specified sources.

The problem with many sellers is that they think all agents are equal but this is definitely of the story when it reaches the point of short sales. If not handled in the rightful manner the bank may foreclose sooner than you expected. When looking for option on training look specifically for the certified trainers. The right training for you or your agent can make all of the essential difference for your deal.